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Unfiltered Blogs

Unfiltered Blogs
The Unreported News.Net Radio Show - November 4, 2007

November 4, 2007

Unreported News.Net Radio Show logoJoin Sarge this Sunday morning on U-Haul International's The Unreported News.Net Radio Show. This week, Sarge welcomes fellow Nova M Radio host Jeff Farias and Brice Phillips of WQRZ- FM in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. They will discuss the role of media in our society, with a focus on Hurricane Katrina and recovery efforts.

Phillips served his community heroic during Katrina, but now finds his station fighting for it's very life against the FCC and groups that would rather not see him stay on air, in spite of his station saving lives during Katrina. Awards be damned, got to have corporate radio or right wing religious radio instead of live saving information. WQRZ-FM was one of four radio stations operating along the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina hit, and the only one in the center of the devastated parts of the Gulf Coast.

Jeff Farias was a major force in the 2007 Mississippi Mission, and frequently talks about media issues on his program, which airs during the afternoon on 1480 KPHX Phoenix and on Nova M Radio.

The Unreported News Radio Show will air this Sunay at 8 AM Arizona time, 7 AM Pacific Time, 9 AM Central and 10 AM Eastern.

You can listen to the show live on Nova M Radio and KPHX 1480 Progressive Talk Phoenix.

You can call Sarge live at 1-800-989-1480 or 602-258-8800.

King Daevid Mackenzie will also have a special commentary during the show, and Audible Scribblings, his own half-hour show, airs one hour earlier on Nova M and KPHX Phoenix.

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