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Good NEWS! 11/6

Victor just called from the Courthouse --
He'll be flying back tonight c/o the DEA.

Ever talked to someone just released? Wow, what a joyful soul!!!

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From UnreportedNews.Net November 6, 2007

"BREAKING NEWS!!! Victor Lopez will be released from prison soon. Sarge reported (and just mentioned on the Mike Malloy Show on Nova M Radio) that in a h earing today the sentence for Victor's wriiting of bad checks was commued to five years - including time served. According to Sarge, Victor should be released by Thanksgiving.
Victor's blog is featured on Unreported News.Net. You can write him now at Victor E. Lopez Reg# 07239-094 Metropolitan Detention Center - Guaynabo P.O. Box 2005 Catano, PR 00963-2005
Victor would like to thank everyone who has written him. Soon, we will have an address for Victor's attorney. He would like people to write her for doing an excellent job on his behalf - free of charge by the way. So, Victor will be free very soon.
Sarge also invited Mike to a future airing of the Unreported News.Net Radio Show with him and Victor."

via Cliff Schecter by Paddy on 11/6/07

while Mitch McConnell piddles himself.

Name Party Votes Vote %
Beshear , Steven Dem 534,895 59%
Fletcher , Ernie (i) GOP 369,484 41%

via Deep Confusion by HopeSpringsATurtle on 11/6/07
Dennis Kucinich's H.Res 333 "Articles of Impeachment Against Vice President Richard B. Cheney." Has cleared the first obstacle to becoming. Next it goes to the house judiciary committee.
After Downing Street has a live blog of the attempt to kill the bill. Impeach Cheney Now! Read the Dennis Kucinich essay on why Cheney should be impeached, contact the members of the house judiciary committee. Here are the current members who will be voting on whether it will go up to the full house for an up or down vote.
The painful truth about today's vote is more republicans voted to send this resolution to committee than democrats. Call your rep and tell them you want them to vote to impeach Cheney.

UPDATE: take on the sudden change of heart by the rethuglicans in voting to send this resolution into committee: David Swanson's live blog of the vote opines,
"No doubt the Republicans want to get the Dem leaders on tape on the floor defending Cheney against impeachment."
Or could it be that impeachment has been off the table because the Dems are afraid the truth will come out about their complicity in the very crimes Cheney is accused of. If an investigation gets underway into Cheney's role in lying us into war, the Dems collusion will begin to show. Their constant whining, "we didn't know" will be exposed. The back room deals will come to light. The utter spinelessness of the Dems, repeatedly complained about by the American public, will suddenly make sense.
I believe the mask of connivance is slipping as demonstrated by Dianne Feinstein's vote for Mukasey. Her vote is part of the price she's paying to her master the BushCo war-mongering, war services industry which directly benefits her war-profiteering husband Richard Blum, a 75% partner in Perini Corporation. Perini is a construction company that has received nearly a billion dollars in Iraq reconstruction funds.
There are a number of theories running around the blogosphere, from The GOP is trying to embarrass the Dems, to a thug trick that backfired on them. I'm sticking to my guns. I think this is the reason dems have been so weak since they took the house.
Whatever the case, I hope the truth comes out, for the very survival of our country.
I gave my opinion to Mike Malloy and WaPo, for what it's worth."

via The Gavel by Speaker Pelosi on 11/6/07

Congress overwhelmingly overturned President Bush’s ill-advised veto of the Water Resources Development Act and reaffirmed our commitment to protect Americans from natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes. This long overdue legislation will allow for critical investments to protect communities from flooding by building and repairing floodwalls and levees, as well as restoring wetlands that absorb floodwaters.

Much of our nation’s infrastructure is outdated and in some cases crumbling, placing lives, property, and commerce at risk. The President argues that $23 billion over 15 years is too much to spend on Hurricane Katrina recovery, flood control, navigation, hurricane protection, and environmental restoration across the country. Yet we are spending almost as much on the disastrous war in Iraq every two months.

The New Direction Congress will not put our nation at continued risk so the President can mount a disingenuous bid to appear fiscally responsible. This Congress pays for the priorities of the American people. This President has not.

As Veterans Day approaches, Congress is considering legislation that would provide the greatest increase in funding for veterans programs since the Veterans Administration was created 77 years ago. "Congress is finally making great strides in the effort to keep faith with our veterans," said Senator Bernie Sanders, a member of the Veterans Affairs Committee. A bill before Congress this week represents the work of the nation's major veterans service organizations, which banded together to produce the Independent Budget for veterans programs. Their recommendations take into account many factors that affect veterans spending, including changes in the size and age of the veteran population, the rising cost of inflation and cost of living increases and trends in health care costs and delivery. Unfortunately, partisan wrangling and a veto threat from President Bush threaten to waylay the bill.


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