Friday, December 28, 2007

Mother Offers Santa a Tip for 2008

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December 28, 2007

Mother Offers Santa a Tip for 2008

J. H. Jones

Dr. Barbara Grubb drives a team of award-winning jennets (female donkeys).

Dear Santa,

We’ve been thinking about global warming a lot, and we’re worried about your reindeer. How did those tundra-dwelling sleigh-pullers hold up in the heat? Maybe you should have a backup team to help out Rudy and his pals next year — we’re thinking mini donkeys like the ones shown here might be perfect. (Just think — no more harness tangled up in those dang antlers!)

Standing just 36 inches (or less) at the shoulder, miniature donkeys make wonderful pets, can be used for pulling light loads, and can even be used as therapy animals. (We’re guessing you could use a little therapy after delivering toys to millions of kids.)

The National Miniature Donkey Association offers more info and advice about miniature donkeys. Or, you could adopt a new team from a donkey rescue.

You can also read Cheers for the long-ears in our online archive at

Mother Earth News Editors

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"Free at LAST!"

Victor Lopez just called from the Courthouse --
He'll be flying back tonight c/o the DEA.

Ever talked to someone just released? Wow, what a joyful soul!!!
Listen for him with MikeMalloy tonight on the NovaMRadio network.

On the Unreported News.Net Radio Show December 9th at 10 AM Eastern, Sarge's guests will be:

Democratic Presidential candidate Represenative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and Derrick Evans, Executive Director of the Turkey Creek Communitiy Initiative and a member of the Steps Coalition. Congressman Kucinich will take questions, as will Evans, who was recently featured on Bill Moyers Journal on the Public Broadcasting System. Will in Chicago live blogs the show at the Unfiltered News Network site.

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