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March 19, 2008: It's been five years since we headed down the rabbit hole to Iraq. Reflecting on this milestone while visiting Baghdad a couple of days ago, Dick Cheney declared that "we've come a long way" since the days of "Mission Accomplished," describing the war as "a difficult, challenging, but nonetheless successful endeavor." Which in the topsy-turvy, up-is-down world of Iraqspeak means that we are still horribly, gut-wrenchingly screwed. To commemorate the war's fifth birthday, here's a brief collection of some of Mother Jones' best coverage of Iraq.

The Iraq War's Greatest Hits An invasion day package of Mother Jones' special reports on the war.

Viktor Bout's Last Deal How an elite DEA unit brought down the world's most notorious arms dealer.

Ode to Bear, Stearns Fortunately, I have no stock left in Bear. But I have friends who do, and they've been emailing me as though someone died.


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Chinese embasy, London
June 9, 2007 more...

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The MojoBlog
Black and More Than Black "Black and More Than Black"

David Corn: How Obama avoided a Sister Souljah moment.

The Blue Marble
Quiz: What's Worse, Exxon or Crocs? Quiz: What's Worse, Exxon or Crocs?

Today's corporate death match is between oil giant ExxonMobil and Crocs, the much-hated-upon yet oh-so-comfy rubber clogs.

The Riff Blog
Goodbye, Arthur C. Clarke Goodbye, Arthur C. Clarke

From his vantage point in Sri Lanka, the iconic author made science fiction look like science fact.

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