Monday, August 06, 2007

The Liberation of Realism: Let's face it guys; Civilization is in dire need of the Goddess

Thanks so much to the author Christopher Ephler!

The historically destructive social structures of institutional religion and traditional politics were chiefly invented by MEN.

Said, differently, the Middle East is a sewer of conflict among the world's three most patriarchal religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Sure, lots of small exceptions in each of these religions, but these are the exceptions which prove the rule. All those councils, for example, in the history of Catholicism were basically tumultuous aggregations of old men.

Mythologically speaking, what the Earth needs now is the Goddess, e.g., less violence and more communication.

But isn't that precisely what's happening now on the Internet? The Internet is less a "male thing" than the Goddess in action. Sure these are images, but as Joseph Campbell used to virtually stand on street corners to remind us, mythology is saying things which can be said NO OTHER WAY.

Consider the following possibilities:

(1.) The human species must transcend the have and have not inhumanity in the very near future. Pig, pig rich people simply HAVE TO GO. However, the point here is less moral than biological, i.e., the going ballistic social tensions generated by Greek God like elites are rapidly killing our species and much of the biosphere and evolution will simply not let that happen. One way or another, the elites are going to be selected out.

(2.) If the human species doesn't radically factor the feminine take on things into our social structures, our "male thing" civilizations are going to careen into oblivion. Human civilization is dying of "imbalance". To borrow some oriental symbols, too much yang and virtually no yin leads to disease and death.

History has survived these twin insanities for lots of reasons. At least they weren't species threatening as they are now. Perhaps that's due to quantum jumps in murderous technologies and the exponential growth of human kind.

In any event, it's probably game over in the very near future unless yin/female/Goddess energy starts profoundly infusing our social structures. So I guess this is a cry for help. Ladies, please help us out here. We need your wisdom and sanity. Perhaps only you can defuse the religious fanatics and pour oil on the troubled waters of limitless masculine greed.

It's not that masculine energies are always toxic. That's not the point. The point is that human civilization lacks Yang/Yin BALANCE. To much salt spoils the stew and too much "man" in mankind is a form of species suicide.

The Liberation of Realism: Let's face it guys; Civilization is in dire need of the Goddess

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