Monday, August 20, 2007

DoubleCrossed by the RedCross Action Day 8/20

Day Of Action Against The Red Crossfrom News & Views from the Peoples Hurricane Relief Fund by

779101-975951-thumbnail.jpg WHY WE MARCH AGAINST RED CROSS

Red Cross has solicited and received billions of dollars to aid Katrina survivors. A large portion of that money (possibly $80 million) was directed toward the Means to Recovery program. Red Cross officials don't agree on the actual amount and have tried their best to hide the program and make it difficult for desperate survivors to receive these funds.

The Peoples Hurricane Relief Fund and other groups across the nation are protesting on Monday, August 20 at Red Cross offices to demand that Red Cross do right by the people these funds were intended.

We are calling for:

  1. Immediate disbursal of all funds received for Katrina-Rita Survivors with a target date set for completion.
  2. Elimination of the Case Manager process and implementation of a swift, simple process for getting funds into the hands of needy survivors.
  3. Total Accountability for all funds received and disbursed. A 'dollars-to-demographics' accounting of funds received for survivors.
  4. Immediate identification and release of any funds that were directed to other agencies for Katrina-Rita relief.
  5. Congressional and local investigations into the use of Katrina-related funds by all government and non-profit agencies.

We DO NOT represent nor are associated with the Red Cross. We found out about the “Means to Recovery” program which the Red Cross has attempted to hide from survivors (click here to read more). The application below is NOT ours, it is a copy of the RED CROSS application obtained by PHRF. We encourage you to:

  1. Call the National Red Cross at 1-866-GET-INFO and demand release of funds to the victims on the Gulf Coast. Be persistent because they do not want you to know about the "Means to Recovery" program.

PDF_icon.gifClick here to download the Red Cross application for the Means to Recovery program

(a) Click here to download the shorter version of the application

(b) Click here to download the Means to Recovery checklist

(c) Click here to download the Red Cross vendor letter

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