Tuesday, October 31, 2006

***Wal-Mart Associates Conf Call 11/2 11am(E)***

Message to Associates from Wake Up Wal-Mart: "Join us for the Wal-Mart Associates Conference Call 800-700-7784 Access Code: 846260 11am Eastern 11/2
The call is anonymous. No names will be used. Current Wal-Mart Associates will discuss the Florida walk-out and what you can do to change the new attendance policy, open availability, the salary caps and other unfair policies.
Have questions about the call? Want to talk about what is going on in your store? Email us at: help@walmartworkersofamerica.com or call 1-866-587-2299" http://wakeupwalmart.com/wwa/conference.html

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UnreportedNews.Net~Radine!'s Postings said...

The stories were amazing! Stay tuned as the workers fight for their rights! Next conference call 11-22. Watch for demonstrations and changes in Wal-mart policy by Thanksgiving.