Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Orleans: The day the music died

...and still we get reports like this from the gulf coast...

" many ways we are in a first response mode still on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In Jackson County there are more than 5,000 unmet needs of individuals that have been identified 14 months after the storm. There are two other counties in Mississippi, Harrison and Hancock counties that also have unemt needs. Many of those unmet needs do not fit the requirements of a grant or governmental process. On behalf of the citizens that have been left behind because of the magnitude of the largest natural disaster in US history we need your help.

I know there are individuals, companies and businesses out there that want to help. Please tell them to go to our web site at"
James M. Yancey, Jr.
Executive Director
Jackson County Community Services Coalition
2707 US Hwy 90, Gautier, MS 39553
ph (228) 522-1965 fax (228) 522-6008

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