Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fwd from R! - RE: Mississippi's Insurance Commissioner

Dear Radine,

Support Gary
Anderson for
The fight to bring health care to every American is not just a national issue. It is a local one too. Governors, state legislators, and insurance commissioners are taking the lead on health care, often making a difference when no one else will.

Gary Anderson is taking the lead in his state. That's why he's our candidate for Mississippi Insurance Commissioner.

Contribute $20.07 today to put Gary over the top:


As you might imagine, insurance is a big deal in Mississippi. Almost two years after Katrina, many residents are still waiting for insurance payments to begin rebuilding their lives.

As a key member of the State Health Insurance Board and the sole insurance rate-setting authority in the state, Gary will find ways to help pay for annual physical exams, periodic screenings, and preventative education and care.

When we win, Gary will be the first African American elected to statewide office in Mississippi in over a hundred years. Gary's victory on August 7th will prove a Democrat can win in the Deep South and set the national stage for Democrats to win so-called red states across the country. Please contribute $20.07 and help Gary make history:


Democracy for America is not waiting for 2008 to make change happen. Gary's race is happening right now; victory in 2007 is ours to win!

Thank you for moving America forward.


Jim Dean

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