Thursday, June 21, 2007 "Net SOLIDARITY, June 26, 2007"

Press Release

The Head-On Radio Network (The H.O.R.N.), America’s Liberal Voice, will go dark on Tuesday, 26 June, in solidarity with other internet radio operations from across the internet radio format spectrum.

The H.O.R.N. is an independent, liberal, progressive “conversation radio” operation that operates primarily in the spoken word segment of the internet radio medium. We take the position, however, that an attack on one segment of internet radio constitutes an attack on all internet radio. Consequently, we will shut down our stream for the entirety of the June 26 broadcast day, running nothing but a loop encouraging people to go to in order to learn more about the issue.

In the days leading up to the stand-down, as well as after it, we invite people to join us to discuss the issue. We’re available in a live 24/7 stream at, as well as archives and podcasts at and invite listener participation calls to (304) 658-5453. Because we are geared toward conversation participation, we might actually be able to provide an outlet for peoples’ creative energies that other, more music-oriented fora aren’t able.

On the day of the stand down, we will open our chatroom at as an activist center where folks can compare notes and get links and phone numbers for contacting their elected representatives. We invite internet broadcasters and internet radio listeners to stop by to exchange ideas and strategies.

It’s our sincere hope, here at the H.O.R.N., that we can, indeed, save this vital medium and continue to expansion of both information and entertainment.

Best regards.
The H.O.R.N.

Take action — click here to contact your local newspaper or congress people:
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