Monday, May 14, 2007

The Mother of a March! ***Video of Arrests 5/14/07

MOTHER OF A MARCH --Cindy Sheehan

"The time for being polite to our war-mongering politicians and organizations which support them is over.

We mothers have to stand up and put our bodies on the line for peace and humanity. We must look into the best parts of ourselves that make us mothers willing to care for and protect all children of the world, not just our own. We need to access our hearts and souls to lead from a place of compassion and love not from war/fear mongering, hatred and disgraceful threats and use of bullying force.

I am calling on Mothers of the world to join us in Washington DC for a “10,000 Mother of a March” on the day after Mother’s Day, Monday, May 14th, 2007. Marches on the weekends are not effective, we need to shut the city of DC down! We will surround Congress and demand an end to this evil occupation and refuse to leave until the Congressional Leadership agrees with us, or throws us in jail!

Meet at Layfayette Park at noon. We will rally then march to Congress

I am calling on Mothers of the world to descend on US embassies all over the world that day. Imagine 10,000 Iraqi women marching on the Green Zone: marching in solidarity with us to end the slaughter of their children. I believe millions of mothers around the world are tired of their children being used as cannon fodder and political tools in the games of war and killer sanctions. Together we will stop the war machine.

Mothers united will never be defeated!"

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