Monday, March 26, 2007

ATTN: March 17 Pentagon Protesters!

Thanks to 'Moon' for this report
ATTENTION: March 17 Pentagon Protesters!
During the protest in DC on March 17th, a group of protesters were forced off a bridge by heavily armored riot police wearing what has been described as “star wars” type armor with their badge numbers blanked out. These “peacekeepers” also were using canisters of some type of gas. At least one protester, Jeanne Koopman of Westland , Michigan has been diagnosed with chemical burns on her face and placed on steroid therapy for respiratory complications.

We are looking for witnesses and photos of the police. Anyone with such evidence is urged to contact Victor Kittila (vkittila@guygene. com) and/or Jeanne (jeannebookworm@

Jeanne's symptoms have been growing more severe since the event. She describes them "initially as a stinging sensation on the skin, then a tickle in the throat followed by incredible thirst..." If you were there and are experiencing any of these symptoms please consider getting in touch with us and seeking medical treatment.
Also, lawyers willing to work with this case are being urged to volunteer. Freedom of Information requests need to be or are already being filed with the W. Virginia police to retrieve duty rosters, duty logs, special equipment assignments, etc. For Jeanne to receive effective therapy, we need to know what the chemical agent was. Thank you.

I will try to keep up on developments and pass on any news.

PS. The huge number of pro-war protesters at the Mar 17th event were subsidized by the NRA. They received bus fare, and hotel accommodations. It’s time liberals and progressives joined the NRA. I sure would have liked a free bus ticket, and we all owe it to the constitution to be at least as well armed as the police.

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